Does my child have to go on medication?2017-02-13T05:29:50+02:00

Sometimes medication is useful in assisting to manage your child’s problem. This will be discussed in detail with you and your child at the appointment. Medication is usually recommended in conjunction with other interventions: individual psychotherapy, play therapy, family therapy, parent counseling and occupational therapy or speech therapy – depending on the age, needs and difficulties experienced by the child. The decision to use medication will always be done in a collaborate manner; your concerns and questions regarding this will be comfortably addressed at your appointment. Information will be provided in detail to help you make the right choice for your child.

What should I bring to the first consultation?2014-02-11T09:30:57+02:00

Prior to your consultation, you would have received electronic or faxed copies a brief biographical questionaire, a questionaire for the class teacher and a Conners Rating Scale. Please complete these and bring them along to your appointment; along with recent school reports, as well as any psycho-educational assessment report, occupational, speech or remedial therapy reports that might have been conducted over the years. Anything that you believe will be useful in enhancing the understanding of your child.

How long is the initial consultation?2014-02-11T09:31:02+02:00

Initial consultation is 90 minutes and requires the presence of the child or adolescent concerned as well as parent/s or caregivers. A detailed enquiry around the current problem and pertinent matters is made; as well as a full history, which includes a developmental enquiry and family history.

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